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Each day of the week we have something special to offer!
From happy-hour drinks to $2 waffles you’re sure to find something on our daily specials that gets your attention. Come check them out!
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Kids Enjoy Supervised Creative Activities
Our two creativity labs are packed full of fun activities and fully supervised by our trained staff. Kids ages 2 – 12 are welcome to participate and play for only $10 per kid!
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We're a New Concept Restaurant in the Greater Tampa Area
Kraftologee is a brand new concept and we know you have a lot of questions. Find out what others are asking and our answers so you’re ready for the Kraftologee experience!
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Book your next private event or birthday party at Kraftologee! We offer custom packages and you’re sure to have a great time with our great food, drinks, and atmosphere.

Customer Reviews

My son had already been once with a sitter, it's all he talked about. So, I finally took him and can't wait to go back. He loves it. It's very affordable, the staff is very friendly and helpful. The food was great, although I do wish they had more soda selections. I don't drink alcohol. The watermelon was the best I had in ages, and the sandwich was very good. I have a feeling it will be a weekly visit for my 8yr old son and i. Living 4 min away is a dream come true, what a amazing concept.


This place is great! My 3 year old had a great time today and has talked about how fun it was since we left. I was able to have a delicious lunch and cup of coffee and catch up with family while she played. The staff was incredible and so friendly! This will definitely be a regular spot!

Ashley Y.

I don't even know the last time we were able to sit and enjoy our time at a restaurant for as long as we did here! Usually we feel like we have to rush and eat before one of the kids loses patience and melts down. Not here! The kids were entertained the whole time and we were able to relax and enjoy our meal and conversation since we knew they were being supervised and having fun. Before we even left the parking lot my six year old was asking when we could go back and requested we go every week 😃

Carrie S.

Food was delicious! Staff was ultra-friendly and took the time to talk - met the Barista, Owner, Teacher, Chef. Our 3-year old loved the play area & the arts & crafts area. This venue is exactly what they advertise- parents can relax while the kids are entertained...thank you for a great Friday night!

Gabby M.

My 7 year old had so much fun making an octopus and dreamcatcher today. She didn't even want to stop to eat her pizza. I appreciated the free WiFi too and yummy AVOCADO hummus.

Denise S.

Welcoming, clean, and overall great experience, the concept is phenomenal. The food was exceptionally good and very large servings. Which is great , we got a club split it and gave our son watermelon and a juice. I particularly like the choices they made regarding beer. Nothing too commercial and nothing too unheard . made it easy to pick a brew . The coffee was on point and definitely woke me up . the kids area was pretty dope, my son loves the set up and for an 1hr or 2 it works just fine. I'm definitely coming back ! And urge parents to come out and check this place out !! Keep up the great work and the great vibes.

Mathew C.